The Ultimate Best Browser for Linux

Best Linux Browsers

When the discussion is about Web Browsers, Linux is always something that people crave for. But the topic is a little difficult when you need to select the best browser for Linux. So many viable browsers in the Linux ecosystem have been rejected in the past.  But if you know about Linux then you will know that there are also some specific viable options for you to go for Linux.

Here are the best browsers for Linux, go for anyone and have fun!


5 Best Linux Browsers

Google Chrome


Google Chrome is one of the most powerful web browsers when it comes to Linux. This web browser affords you the best features and facilities. In this work of hacking and privacy of data, you have to think about security first. And security is highly maintained by Chrome.

From themes to add-ons, you will find everything in this browser. Extensions and cross-platforms for mobile devices are also allowed with Chrome.

Chromium is basically an open-source code from where Google Chrome comes. If you judge it technically, this is a separate browser. Google basically maintains both Chrome and Chromium together and so, have combined them together for the users.

If you ask for our recommendation, we will suggest you go for Google Chrome because it goes right with Linux and the users of Chrome.


Mozilla Firefox


If you judge according to the popularity, Mozilla Firefox will be in the first row. People who use any browser will know about Firefox. There is hardly any person who doesn’t know about Mozilla Firefox. In the Linux systems, you will see that Firefox is pre-installed for the convenience of the users. So, you already know that Firefox is easier to use for regular users. A user-friendly browser will always be the first choice for the users, isn’t it?

Have you heard about the famous Linux browsers like Iceweasel or Light? These browsers usually use the open-source code of Firefox. As this is available on the famous DISTROS, people feel comfortable to use it.

If you want a browser that is easy to sync with mobile devices or extensions then go for it. Themes, add-ons and other features are also very much available with Firefox.

If your system supports, you will never feel uneasy using this browser. If you are searching for the best portable Linux browser, you should pick up Firefox.


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Opera Browser


Opera is a much-known browser as it has created a soft spot in the user’s heart. It emphasizes on connectivity. It is full-featured. The best part of this browser is it doesn’t act like a close of Firefox or Chrome. It does not even look like Chrome or Firefox browsers.

There is a default sidebar on the left. Clicking it will open the personalized features for the users. You can keep Facebook, Bookmarks, Messengers and other similar tools there. If you are using Opera on Mobile then you can also go for the FLOW feature. With this feature, you can promote seamless hands-off of data amount different devices without any difficulty. 

The difficulty that you will face regarding this browser is less developed extension ecosystem. On the other hand, it only ships as 64-bit RPM package only.

But you can rely on this browser because it creates an innovative approach with its VPN. If you want a stable browser for Linux, go for Opera.


Lynx the  browser


We know that there are fewer people who like to use tools like Lynx. But if you want something that is highly developed then Lynx is one of the most developed browsers still now. If you want to work in plain text, this will be just the right deal for you.

You will never see any ads or trackers if you are working with this old-school yet improved browser for Linux. Lynx is called to be the most secure browser for Linux because you have to deal with only text here.

On the other hand, this web browser is amazingly fast and proficient for any keyboard-based browsing. If you want to do works regarding keyboard-based browsing, you can elect it.

The problem you will face regarding this browser is related to the browsing window. You can only see one active window at a time. If you are working with modern sites then they will not render perfectly in this browser. 


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Gnome Web (Formally Epiphany)


This is a free web browser. The best part is it is an open-source web browser for Linux. It was named as Epiphany. Later on, this was named as Gnome Web.

From software repositories of the Linux OS, any user can easily get it or install it. This is the most lightweight Linux browser when it comes to a minimal browser for Linux. This browser is basically developed by GNOME for systems like Linux or UNIX.

The thing that you will love is the clean and beautiful UI of this web browser. If you have never worked with this browser, you must go for this because it has a sleek User Interface. To keep this browser lightweight, the user interface is kept minimal and clean.

This is a PRO web browser for Linux and Windows. The only problem you will suffer is the configuration issue. There is not much room for configuration if you work with this web browser. This does not even require too much memory for starting up and so, this is the best for you if you want a comfortable yet lightweight browser for Linux.


Wrap Up

Keeping in pace with the Linux Operating System, there are fewer web browsers that work great with it. But thanks to some web browsers that deals with any operating system. We have mentioned the best browsers for Linux here. We have also mentioned their positive and negative aspects here. DO a little research and go for the one that matches your requirements. If you are a Linux expert, you already know which suits you best!

Go for it and rock your LINUX OS!