Best Forex Trading App for 2020

The global economy now depends on international trade. In this situation, the rise of forex trading was foreseen! In the digital investments sector, forex trading is getting a higher position.

People that are so much into international business and politics can go for Forex trading because it makes trading easy for you!

Who loves sitting before a PC and trade? In this busy schedule, we all are in a rush. And to balance that, we have come to you with the best Forex trading apps that will aid you in trading with your smartphone. Now trade anywhere and everywhere with the perfect forex trading app!

Have a look at these trading apps for forex trading.

Top Forex Trading App


Forex Time FXTM

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices
  • Automated trading solution
  • Highly reliable
  • Option for foreign exchange trading
  • Designed for beginners and seasoned users
  • Spread in more than 180 countries

If you are in search for a nifty automated trading solution for forex trading, settle on ForexTime FXTM. It will afford you incredible automated forex trading. We know you want a trustworthy provider and for you, nothing can be more reliable than this one.

The traders of more than 180 countries use this app for forex trading. If you are up for foreign exchange trading, you can completely have faith in this app.

No matter if you are an experienced user or a beginner, this app is flawlessly designed for every sort of users. If you want to increase the earning potential, you can go for flexible leverage. This is available for both variable and fixed spreads. The faster speed of the execution rate makes this app stand for the users. This app is compatible with Android devices along with Mac, iOS and Windows.

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Trade Interceptor

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with desktops and mobiles
  • Advanced forex analysis tools
  • Tracking option available
  • Comes with 24 different chart types
  • Added intelligence indicator
  • Powered by Cloud
  • Includes features like the trading simulator, economic calendar, release alerts, etc.

People always love advanced technology-enriched apps. And if you are one of those people, you are on the right path. This Trade Interceptor app affords you amazing forex analysis tools that are advanced in technology.

Do you want to know about the best currencies for putting your money? Go for this app! This app will quickly track this for you! With this app, you get 14 different chart types. Not only this feature but you also get 160 intelligence indicators for profitable trading.

Though this was designed only for desktops, now it is available in mobiles too. You get quad-screen and split-screen modes with this. Trade management functionally which is touch-enabled is available here too. It has amazing tools that help in your forex trading strategies.

Trade Interceptor is basically powered by Cloud. You have the accessibility to the tools and trade data. Economic calendar, trading simulator, reports, and data release alerts are some added features of this app.


Highlighted Features

  • Free app
  • User-friendly design
  • Can assemble data from 20,000 financial instruments
  • Affords real-time market updates
  • Includes economic calendar
  • Powered by Cloud
  • Available in 18 languages

Beginners in the forex trading market always want something that is easy to understand and operate. Here comes the most user-friendly forex trading app. With this app, you will be able to understand the market.

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This app assembles data from about 20.000 financial instruments and so, you already know how giant the service is. As you are new, this app will help you know everything about the forex market. Are you confused about when you should enter the market and when you should exit? If you are in dilemma, you can have faith in this app. It will tell you everything.

It will afford you real-time news of the market along with an economic calendar. This software is also powered by Cloud and so, you will be able to share your data across so many devices if you want. You can sync the data too. This app is available in more than 18 languages. As this app is free, you can get it anytime you want!



Highlighted Features

  • Designed for forex retails trading
  • Provides general analysis of the market
  • Uses real-time charts
  • Monitors prices and quotes
  • Ranges of financial instruments are included
  • Analytical instruments are added

If you are here to get the best retail trading app, this is the one you are searching for. If you have seen the forex retail trading market, you must have heard about this app. You can use this app on Android devices. It will deliver you everything related to the trading of stocks, futures, options and financial instruments.

It can give you a general analysis of the market. In this process, it uses real-time charts. It monitors prices along with quotes and affords information. If you want to switch between ranges of financial instruments, you can do that here. You can pinch and zoom in the charts too.

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Analytical instruments such as Elliott, Gann, and Fibonacci are included here for your ease. This app is now updated and available as MetaTrader 5.


Wrap Up

Technology has brought trade in our hands. But do we all love to sit before the PC and trade all day long? People now are busy with doing more than one job. And so, to save your time and ease your pain, you will surely love a forex trading app.

In the crowd of hundreds of forex trading apps, we have done homework on the best forex trading apps on the market. Go through any of the apps that you think suits this. These apps are famous and loved by users because of the top-notch features and up-to-the-minute technology.

Now do your trades from wherever you are with your phone! No matter where you are, your money is in your hands!

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