Best Forex Trading Platform in 2020

Forex trading is fun, but only if you get the right Forex trading platform! When you are in a Forex trade market, you always search for a broker or a platform where you will get everything readymade.

From flexible charts to rapid-fire capabilities, custom views to live data, you need everything your Forex trading app. And this is where the best Forex trading platform comes in!

When you are dealing with the best Forex trading platform, you will get everything in the desktop or mobile app. So, what is the best Forex trading platform? Let us know about the best Forex brokers in the market!


What is the Best Forex Trading Platform?


Highlighted Features

  • Biggest CFD providers
  • Two-step login
  • Customizable charts and workspace
  • Easy to use
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal
  • Incredible customer service


IG is known to be the biggest CFD providers in the globe! If you stay in the US then you will be able to trade with the help of this Forex trading platform. This trading platform is incredibly easy to use. There are traders who want moderate features and amazing customer service.

If you are one of these traders then you should get IC Forex trading platform for you. IG has the deposit and withdrawal tools for you.

The amount you need to pay for IG is also less. The transparent fee structure is also commendable. You can get IG with $12.3 for every month



Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Web Platform
  • Easy Navigation
  • Account management
  • Fast-trade entry
  • Custom alerts
  • Free version available


One of the most popular platforms for Forex trading is Plus500. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web platform, and Windows 10 app. If you want then you can go for the free version of this Forex platform. This will help you know this platform and have a demo before using your money.

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Navigation is easier if you are dealing with Forex trading platform. With this platform, you get a real-time chart along with account management features. This makes your trading easier than before. Also, you will get fast-trade entry and you will be able to protect your balance with the features. You can receive custom alerts here too!



Highlighted Features

  • Great technical research tools
  • Fast account opening
  • No withdrawal fee
  • Customizable workspace and charts
  • Market scanner available
  • Low-cost platform


This Forex trading platform is a London-based broker. The trading fee of this platform is very low and the technical research tools of this platform are praiseworthy. If you want a Forex trading platform that can open an account in the most straightforward and fast method, this is the right choice for you.

There is no withdrawal fee if you are using this Forex trading platform. It will cost you only $12.3 every month. It has customizable charts and workspace. It works in several languages.


FX Primus

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible in Mac, Windows, MT4; and web platform
  • User-friendly
  • API and VPS is added for professional traders
  • Custom professional trading
  • Includes PAMM for following the professionals
  • Options for speeding up the trading time


This FX Primus Forex trading platform is compatible with Windows, Mac, MT4; and web platform. If you are searching for a trading platform where you can get custom professional trading, this is the perfect choice for you.

For getting the custom professional trading feature, you must have the FX Primus API. There is a social platform named PAMM. With this feature, you will be able to follow the seasoned traders if the market to know how things work. With the help of this platform, you will be able to cut out communication time. You will also be able to gear up the speed of trading.

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This platform is user-friendly and so, if you are new, you will never get lost in this platform. This does not support MT5 and is very much expensive. But the performance is amazing.



Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with mobile and web platforms
  • User-friendly
  • Easy navigation
  • Options for interacting with other users
  • Copping ideas is easy
  • Offers demo version

Do you want to have an amazing experience of trading in the Forex market? If you are searching for some fun, we highly recommend you eToro as a Forex trading platform. With the help of this platform, everything will get easier and better. Why? It so because this platform allows you to combine the trading market with the social network and affords you an amazing trading experience.

For easy Forex trading, here, you will be able to interact with the other users. Along with this, you can also share your ideas with others and know their ideas of trading. You will be able to copy their strategies and mix them up with your own to make something creative.

This platform is compatible with mobile and web. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit in a desktop app for Mac or Windows. The easy navigation and user-friendly nature of this platform makes it one of the most loved Forex trading brokers in the market.



Highlighted Features

  • Easy to understand
  • Takes care of the privacy
  • Segregate the accounts of the users
  • Has membership with ICF
  • Keeps digital trading safe
  • Completely proprietary platform
  • Trading from charts is available
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This amazing Forex trading platform is operated by Nicosia. Are you worried about your privacy and safety in the Forex trading market? If you are concern about your safety then you should get this platform for Forex trading. This platform is incredibly amazing for segregating you account and afford you safe trading zone. It has a membership with ICF. This platform can deliver digital security to your platform.

This platform is very simply made and is very easy to understand for the newbie. If you are tensed about the quality and performance then let us tell you, this platform includes state-of-art technology. Here, you can sue the charts and trade form right there! Isn’t it impeccable?

It is a completely proprietary platform. It has amazing features added. Even if you are new here, you will not feel lost!


Parcel Up

You cannot trade Forex without any broker! But if you are with the right Forex trading platform, no one can ruin your business!

This is the time when you can do your business from wherever you want. And making the business easier depends on the Forex trading platform.

It is your responsibility to get the best Forex trading platform that can make your business easier and your trade life better!


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