5 Best Free Email Marketing Software

Any sort of positive marketing is healthy for your business. In this world of Internet, no one pays attention to pieces of paper. And so, the stage has been conquered by email marketing now.

No matter if you are doing business in an office or from your house, you can never go wrong if you select to do marketing via email. From getting new customers to keeping communication with the regular customer, email marketing has its own value.

You cannot do business by always sitting on a chair and sending emails. In this case, you can appoint email marketing software that can do your work of handling the email sector!

Take a look at the best free email marketing software. With these, you can reduce your work into half!


Top 5 Free Email Marketing Software



HIghlighted Features

  • Free email software marketing
  • Added automation tools
  • eCommerce tool added
  • 12000 emails and 2000 subscribers per month
  • Includes landing pages
  • Can be added with social media


This is one of the most loved and used email marketing software by the users. When there were less email services, this software used to offer amazing deals for the small businesses. When it comes to automation tool and eCommerce, this software is beyond perfect.

It will give you the opportunity to send 12000 emails every month. Monthly, you will be able to go for 2000 subscribers too. If you pay $10, you will get unlimited emails. The templates are amazing and you will also get landing pages here. This software includes tools for social media like Facebook and Instagram. It has ads and posts options.

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A/B testing along with incredible automation tools are added with this software. With this, you will be able to add with the tools like Salesforce, Eventbrite and Shopify.


SendinBlue Email


Highlighted Features

  • Free email marketing software
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Limited 300 contacts per day
  • Links SMS and Email marketing
  • Heat mapping
  • A/B testing


This is one of the most popular free email marketing software in the market. You can get unlimited contacts everyday. The limit of emails is 300 for every day. People that depend on drip campaign will get highly benefited by this email marketing software.

This software has a strong drag and drop editor for email and so, you can sit back and rely on this software. With this software, integrating the different platforms get easier. If you depend on SMS marketing, you can take advantage from this software. With the help of this software, you can link SMS marketing to Email campaigns.

It includes A/B testing along with Heat mapping. It has a WordPress plugin too which is rich in feature. The amazing automation of this software will handle the cupons and abandoned cart messages of the mailbox



Highlighted Features

  • Free email marketing software
  • Speedy designer
  • 2000 subscribers and 14000 emails per month
  • Fast email campaign
  • Easy custom coding
  • Automation options
  • A/B testing included


Beachmark is here to set a benchmark when it comes to email marketing. Are you a busy marketer? If you are one of the busy marketers and want something speedy, get this one. It is one of the fastest Email designers in the market.

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Editing photos and adding templates, nothing is tough if you are with this software. This software is completely free. Moreover, it will give you the opportunity to get 2000 subscribers every month. Monthly, you can send 14000 emails to your customers.

It will take less time for making email campaign. On the other hand, with this software, custom coding the emails is easier.

There is automation option and it affords you the ability to send welcome emails along with taking care of follow-ups and abandoned carts. You will also get the ability to create surveys and polls! A/B testing tools are included and along with that, integration with different apps is easier here!




Highlighted Features

  • Free email marketing software
  • 2500 subscribers pet month
  • 15000 emails per month
  • Added plugins
  • Converts videos into GIFs
  • Google analytics with maps
  • Opportunity to add eCommerce products


The free plan by Sender email marketing software is amazing. It offers you 2500 subscribers for every month. You can send 15000 emails every month without any trouble. There are email marketing software users that are dealing with the popular content management systems.


This software can help you out in this case. It has amazing plugins for them.

The video that you send to your customers or possible customers, those will convert into GIFs. So, this makes the customer interested more than regular emails.

It includes Google Analytics along with maps.

You can also add eCommerce products here by only going through the method of copy and paste. Even if you go for the paid version, the price is highly reasonable.

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Highlighted Features


  • Free email marketing software
  • 2000 emails everyday
  • 15000 emails every month
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Easy eCommerce integration
  • Sens discount codes
  • Easy automation process


Are you running any online store? If you are in this sector, this is a must-have software for your business. It can afford you about 2000 emails everyday. On the other hand, you will get to send 15000 emails every month. This is free for the users but there is no limit for the subscribers. You can add unlimited subscribers. It is one of the best bulk email software in the market.

It includes eCommerce integration and has the ability of pulling products for selling via email. The signup process is creative and it includes landing pages and wheel-of-fortune game. It also includes discount codes for the users. Automated email sending is easy here.


Wrap Up

When business is hard nut to crack, you must get something that makes your business life easier. No matter you run online business or regular business, email marketing software will always help you to grow your trade.

We have mentioned the best email marketing software here so that you can select them and use them for uplifting your business.

Rather than the proverb “work hard”, we believe in the proverb “work smart.” Yes, only smart decisions can make you reach the pick of fame and profit when it comes to business. Get the best free email marketing software and play your own game!

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