5 Best Free Web Hosting

When it comes to free, we all love to have it. But they say free stuff is not good. Is that the same thing about web hosting? No, not at all! Free web hosting of these days is as good as the paid services.

We have gone through the best free web hosting. The features they include, the performance they afford and the free-of-cost nature they carry, if we combine them then free web hosting services are better than many paid web hosting services.

Let us know about the most popular web hosting services that afford service is free.

Top 5 Free Web Hosting


Highlighted Features

  • Free web hosting service
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • One-click installation
  • MySQL, cPanel and PHP accessibility
  • Incredible uptimes

This is an old player in the field of free web hosting services. If you have ever used its service, you will feel that this is a full web hosting suite! The unlimited bandwidth of this web hosting service makes it easy for you to work. When you need space, you do not need to think about it if you are with this host. It gives you unlimited storage space to keep whatever you want!

If you are a newbie in this sector, the installation process will not bother you at all! Yes, if you go for this web hosting, you will see that there is a one-click installation process to make it easier for you. It includes 30 third-party applications to help you out. Moreover, it has cPanel, MySQL and PHP accessibility! So, everything you need from a web hosting is here! You do not need to go anywhere else as you are getting all the features here. The uptimes are also incredible.

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The drawback of this web hosting is it does not come with free email accounts. But if you look at the features, you cannot stop selecting it as your web host!


Highlighted Features

  • Free web hosting service
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 10 GB disk space
  • Multilingual cPanel accessibility
  • Designed for lightweight websites

This web hosting company is in the business for about a decade now and its customers are almost 15,000. This is basically a European company but now, their web hosting service is popular over the globe. The unmetered bandwidth of this hosting company will make sure that you get this one for you.

On the other hand, the 10 GB disk space is very much interesting. People that require disk space from the web host companies will be happier seeing this. The multilingual cPanel is another positive aspect of this web hosting service.


Highlighted Features

  • Free web hosting service
  • SSL certificate added
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • No front-ads
  • 10 Email accounts with 1 FTP account
  • Unlimited space and bandwidth

This web hosting service has only 200,000 customers and basically is a small player in the web hosting world. However, quality is something that you cannot avoid! The web hosting service has rich features. It affords you free SSL certificate. Along with this, you will get free Cloudflare CDN. The best part about this free web hosting service is there are no front-end ads here.

Moreover, this web hosting service comes with 10 emails accounts for you along with 1 FTP account. The unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space make it one of the most favorite web hosting services of the users. When the disk space is unlimited, any person will love to go for this web hosting service. There are fewer web hosting services that afford you such impressive qualities without any fee!

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Highlighted Features

  • Free web hosting service
  • No ads
  • Offers MySQL, cPanel and PHP services
  • User-friendly
  • Clean appearance
  • Average uptime: 97.06%

When it comes to free web hosting, we cannot forget the name of 000WebHostcom. It affords you all its services free of cost. Moreover, if you are tired of seeing ads every day in your web host, we ensure that this web host does not include any ads! You get MySQL, cPanel and PHP with this web host for free.

The speed of this free web host is also incredible. You will be amazed at why this web host is for free! There are hundreds of free features added to this web host. The user-friendly nature of this web host is also something that many people are fond of. As there are no ads on this web host, you also get to see a clean appearance. It makes it easy to understand and use even for the beginners.

However, it has only uptime of 97.06% on average and you will experience one hour of downtime every day. It might be disheartening but the quality it affords for free is worth your time!


Highlighted Features

  • Free web hosting service
  • MySQL database accessibility
  • One-click CMS installation
  • Ad-free service
  • 1 email account
  • 99% uptime

This is working in the field of web hosts for a very long time. It has been almost 15 years since we are seeing this web host at work and now it has reached 2.5 million customers. What excited you most about the free web hosting services? When it comes to us, we really get annoyed by the ads. However, free web hosts usually do not eliminate ads. But this free web host is 100% ad-free and so, you can get a clean outlook everything you get in!

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Furthermore, it comes with the MySQL database which is a plus point for you. The customer service is a matter when you are dealing with free services. It affords you 24/7 customer service. You get one-click CMS installation with this web host. You also get 99% uptime guarantee if you get this web hosting service. What can you expect more from a free service?

The only cons of this web host are it has only 5GB bandwidth and 1GB disk space. If you can work with these, you will be amazed at the performance of this web host.

Parcel Up

When you are not with the right web host, you will never feel good about your site. Changing the web host may seem a little tough. But if you want to go for a free web host, switching web host also gets easier.

These best free web hosting services we have mentioned here are promised to afford you high-quality performance without any cost. All you can do is try them to know if they worth your time or not. Go for them, you will never be disappointed at all!

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