5 Best SEO Tools for WordPress

If you want to get traffic, you have to work hard for it. And to bring you traffic, there are search engines. Improving SEO of WordPress is not an easy task. But what about the tools that make this work easier than before?

Yes, you guessed right. Today we will be talking about the best SEO plugins for WordPress. If you are in this sector, you surely have faced the confusion when it comes to choosing the right tool for WordPress SEO.


Your confusion is over! We have picked 5 best SEO Tools for WordPress that will help you in Google ranking! Take a look!


Top 5 SEO Tools for your Business


Google Trends


Highlighted Features


  • Works with Google
  • Delivers hard data for keywords
  • Compares multiple keywords
  • Can work with Google Keyword Planner
  • Uses Google’s search history
  • Complete SEO tool


If you look at Google Trends, you will surely think that this SEO tool covers everything! But if you use this tool with Google Keyword Planner, you will get better benefits for sure. We will take about Google Keyword Planner below. Let us talk about Google Trends.

The work of this tool is to deliver you some hard data regarding your keyword interest. In this process, this tool uses the search history of Google’s vast database. This tool is also amazing for comparing different keywords at once. You can search and know what is the most hyped keyword among some selected keywords!


Chrome DevTools


Highlighted Features

  • Web developing
  • Debugging
  • Works with Google Chrome browser
  • Includes element panel
  • Diagnostics real-time information
  • Affords insights and site loading detail
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If you are in search of a web development tool that can also help you in debugging then you can highly rely on this tool. This tool is built into the browser Google Chrome. This Chrome DevTool has an element panel. The work of this element panel is to manipulate the CSS of your site. The real-time look changing is a big deal. This tool helps you to see the changes too.

Here, you will get a console which will delivery you diagnostics regarding real-time. You will also get to know about the performance of your site along with required insights. It can afford you information on site loading speed and page performance.

However, you will need Google Chrome browser if you want to get this SEO tool.


Pingdom Speed Test


Highlighted Features


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Measure the time of site loading
  • Accurate measures
  • Delivers site details
  • Deliver information regarding database and archived tests
  • Affords performance insights


This is a very simple tool in our list. This tool will help you in measuring the time limit of your site loading. Yes, this can measure the millisecond for affording to the perfect information. If you are with this tool, all you have to do is enter the URL of your site. If you want to know about the site loading time of any other site, you can do it with this tool too.

After putting the URL, set back and wait for sometime. This tool will deliver you detailed information within seconds. Moreover, this tool can also let you know how your site usually responds against the archived tests and database. If you want to get performance insights, you can get it through this tool. It will help you in improving your metrics.

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Keywords Everywhere


Highlighted Features


  • Comes with Chrome and Firefox
  • Helps in keywords related sector
  • Added with Google Search and Google Analytics
  • Added with eBay
  • Completely free
  • Searches SEO-friendly articles


Yes, the name of this SEO tool for WordPress almost sums up all your keywords related work. This is basically a free extension that you can get with Firefox and Google Chrome. It is integrated with Google Analytics and Google Search. It is also added with eBay and the regular major websites.

The work of this is to let you know the keyword information in real-time. You regularly search for different topics on Google and Keywords Everywhere helps you there. The work of this tool is to deliver you two different keyword lists. Here, one list is for automatically-generated relevant keywords and the other one is the most searched keywords by people (related to your keyword.)

If you are managing WordPress blog, this will help you so much. If you are in search of SEO-friendly articles, this tool is a life saviour.


Google Keyword Planner


Highlighted Features

  • Gathers search volume for keywords
  • Delivers information on historical trends
  • Provides information on competitive keywords
  • Affords keyword dissect detail
  • Helps in Google ranking


If you want the best tool for obtaining the search volume of the keywords along with the history trends, nothing can be better than Google Keyword Planner. No matter which keyword you choose, it can provide you the search volume data easily. It will help you know about the competition of the keywords you choose.

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The best part of this tool is it can afford you dissect detail about your keywords. It will aid you in getting the high performing keywords so that you are capable of creating WordPress blog effectively. If you want to improve your Google ranking, Google Keyword Planner will be highly helpful for you.


Wrap Up

All you need in this competitive world is Google ranking. And to reach the top position, you have to work with patience. You cannot rank in Google easily as the process is long term.

In this long run, SEO tools can help you in choosing the right keywords and other information to make you the leader in Google.

The best SEO tools for WordPress that we have mentioned here are the hot favorites of the users. You can test them and know why they are so much loved!

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