4 Best Time Management Tools in 2020

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In a company, you have to deal with deadlines, resources, project schedules, deliverables and what not! Here, you get into confusion and fail to work within the given time. What can save you and your company from this hitch?

Yes, you guessed right! We are talking about the time management tools that can take you out of all the issues regarding time. If you get the best time management tool for your business, nothing can stop you from being punctual everywhere!

We have come up with the 4 best time management tools that are leading the market. Have a look and pick one up for your business! It will never let you down!


Top Time Management Tools




Major Features


  • Tracks both billable and actual time
  • Works for extensive projects and tasks
  • Informs about sales and budget
  • Works for client management
  • Includes automated late reminders
  • Converts hours into invoices

If you are with Scoro, you will get each and every time management tool you need! Yes, from time tracking to work reporting, project and task management to billing work, you will get everything wrapped in a package if you are dealing with Scoro.

Scoro is able to track the actual time and also billable time and can convert the hours to an invoice for your convenience. This is a great tool for any extensive project or task. Along with this, it can do your client management work accurately. You will also be able to get reports on work and performance. You will get to know about sales and budgets too.

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With this tool, you will get automated late reminders for the invoice. You will also get recurring invoicing and scheduled invoicing here. Invoicing has never been this easy for you! For every month, you have to pay $26 to get this tool. The best part about this tool is it has the ability to combine time tracking with CRM along with project management. It helps you manage your business in an easier way and lets you grow!




Major Features


  • Includes free and paid both versions
  • Easy to use
  • Task management on cardboard
  • Options for sharing image and files
  • Creates unlimited tasks
  • List organization according to priority and dates
  • Collaboration along with commenting available


This is an amazing tool for project management. The quick assignments of this tool will amuse you for sure! This is a very simple tool for managing your business. If you are a beginner in this sector, you should get this one to try the best beginner-friendly time management tool till now.

This simple task management of this tool is great where you can manage your task on cardboard. Do you remember the way our teachers used to make us understand any chart? Yes, that’s the way this tool works. With this tool, you are free to create unlimited list of tasks for the future. On the other hand, you are also able to share several files along with images with this time management tool.

Moreover, commenting along with collaboration is easier with this tool. If you have this tool, you can organize the lists of work according to different dates and according to your personal priority.

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More than 500 companies use Trello as their time management tool and so, you already know why you should get this! You have to pay $9.99 every month for getting this tool.




Major Features

  • Works with different time managing tool
  • Tracks time for unlimited projects
  • Maintains accuracy
  • Track time both offline and online
  • Provides reports on team progress
  • Perfect add-on

If you want a time tracking software or tool that has less hassle and more features, get this one. Yes, this tool for time management is one of the favorites of the users. If you have any existing tool for managing time, Toggl can be the best add-on for that!

You will be able to track the time for unlimited projects. You can go for the time management of several sub-projects. It tracks the time accurately. This is counted as one of the best on the market because it can track time both online and offline. Yes, of course, that is amazing quality!

It affords you reports on the team progress that helps you now about the current situation of the on-going projects. You can use Trello, Scoro or any other tool with Toggl and it will work seamlessly! This tool can be yours only for $9 every month!




If you want an all-rounder time management tool, it is here! We recommend you getting Asana because it has an incredible quality of keeping your business on track. It can track project management and can also take care of your file storage. Along with this, it can work for collaboration. It has the ability to manage a team and in this case, it can work without the help of email!

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Asana can break down work into several tasks easily. It will assign different tasks to different team members to get it done properly. This tool basically uses project dashboards and with this, it helps to serve you a quick overview of everything.

It can review milestones and can notify you about the updates of your projects. Along with this, it can organize all your tasks perfectly into different projects and afford you roadmaps and timelines. Per month, you will need to pay only $8.33 for this time management tool.


Major Features

  • Works for time project management and file storage
  • Manages project members without email
  • Organizes tasks and afford timelines and roadmaps
  • Uses project dashboard and offers a quick overview
  • Checks team progress
  • Simple layout

Wrap Up


Managing a business or company is very troublesome. Moreover, taking care of issues regarding time management in a company is tiresome. Here, you will surely need the best time management tool. No matter if you have a small business or a large one, you can get all your work in an organized way if you have a perfect time management tool.

The tools we have mentioned here have extraordinary quality and so, you can choose any of them. Pick any one up and manage your company as a PRO!

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