Best Watermark Software in 2020

Best Watermark Software

Where the internet gives us the way to expand our life and potential, many artists complain that their work is getting used by other people without their authorization. Of course, as a creator of your innovation, you would never love that.

And so, the consequences pushed to create something that no one can steal your work. WATERMARK! Yes, a watermark over your art can safeguard your project from the thieves. And to make the process of watermarking easy, you will get a range of software in the market.

Yes, you must be confused as there is a lot of software in the market. And so, we have done a great homework on bringing up the best watermark software for you! Take a look-


Top Watermark Software


iWatermark Pro  Software


Major Features

  • Goes with MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS
  • Standalone app
  • Can be used with Photoshop, Lightroom or ACDsee
  • Compatible with range of cameras
  • Imports images in JPEG, PNG, RAW or TIFF
  • Signature, Stego ark and Arc Text
  • Includes options for batch processing

The best watermark software for MacOS and Windows is iWatermark Pro. There are no alternatives of this software because the features are enough to blow your mind. From basic text and image watermarks to QR code watermarks, you can never go wrong if you are with iWatermark Pro.

You can also go for the steganographic watermarks. This type of watermark basically works for hiding data in plain text. Sometimes, the image thieves crop your image or cover the watermark so that people cannot understand that the image is yours. Thanks to STEGANOGRAPHIC watermark. This digital watermarking software has the ability to stop the thieves of cropping or hiding your watermark.

If you want then you can integrate your images with your Dropbox account. Keeping the copy of the watermarked images keeps your data safe. You can easily share images in this process.

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iWatermark Pro has a feature named PHOTONOTARY. This feature is basically run by Plum Amazing, the developer of the program. This feature helps in notarizing your photos. It helps you to register your watermark. It also helps in copying the watermark on the server of Prothonotary. So, proving the ownership of your photo is more than easy with the iWatermark Pro software.

If we talk about the drawbacks then we must come up with the problem regarding the user interface. This amazing program has a complicated UI design. For the newbie, this software can be very complicated don’t understand. You will see a separate window for managing your own watermarks. It is tough to change or design a new watermark after you have saved one before.

But adding text quickly along with graphics and QR codes make this watermark software best for everyone. If you are a beginner, it will take time to understand the software and to deal with it. Once you get to know the features and how the program works, you will find the software very much effective for safeguarding your images.


uMark  Software


Major Features

  • Goes with Windows, MacOS and iOS
  • Available in free version
  • Available for both text and image watermarks
  • Options for batch processing
  • Includes QR codes and several shapes
  • Customizable watermarks


If you are in search of a decent watermark program, go for uMark. We recommend this for the newbie. If you are a beginner and you are confused about which software can make you learn about watermarking properly, you should pick up uMark watermarking software! This program is very simple to understand and easy to use.

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All you have to do is take any standard image of PNG, JPG, BMP or TIFF and edit it! You can transfer your image into PDF without any difficulties! Yes, this program includes a feature of changing the standard image files into PDF.

Basic text and image watermarks are very easy with this program. You can add QR codes along with different shapes here. If you want to edit the metadata so that you can insert your copyright information, you can do that with this uMark software.

Do you want to strip out any sort of GPS data? There are people who want to do it so that they can take control over the privacy. If you are one of them, then you can do it here too! If you have batches of images and you want to process them, uMark has feature for that too.

We have talked a lot about the positive aspects of this program. Let us know about the negative sides. The batching system of this program is not up to the mark. If you select images of the same size for batching, it will process them properly. But if you crop an image or select any image that is not of the same size then you watermark placement will not be perfect.

This is an open source watermark software. If you are not ready to give away from your wallet for the paid version of this watermark software then you can go for the free version. The uMark free watermark software is as good as the paid version. But you will not be able to resize, rename or reformat your images in the free version.

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Arclad Watermark Studio



Major Features

  • Goes with Windows
  • Customizable font and size
  • Adjustable opacity
  • Options for using logos as watermark
  • Options for batch processing
  • Multiple watermarks can be added
  • Options for resizing image

Are you new to the watermarking world? If you are new here then do not waste time and pick up the Arclab Watermark Studio. This is great for the entry-level users. If you want the advanced features of the watermarking software then you will not get it here. But it does the basic works of watermark software perfectly.

The user interface is very easy to understand for beginners. Creating watermarks in this program is also very easy. The regular images like JPG, PNG, TIFF and BMP images are very easy to edit here. No matter if you have large batches of images or not, you can easily handle them. You can add an entire folder of images to make the work easier.

However, the problem with uMark software exists here too. Batching system is difficult here, Apart from the cons, this software is a decent program for watermarking.


Parcel Up


When dealing with thieves us tough, you have to be tougher! You have to deal with them in a way that they don’t get the opportunity to mess with you! In this busy schedule, watermarking images one by one is not possible.

And so, we recommend you trying the software we have mentioned here. Choose anyone that matches your standard. Go for it and let us know about your experience!

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