The Best way to Learn Linux

What is hot right now? LINUX! Yes, in this world of technology and software, people are raving about Linux. Linux experienced people are the hot favorite of the recruiters. Thousands of jobs but there are less experienced people out there for providing facilities of Linux.

Where there are thousands of jobs, the market is still competitive as people are getting knowledge about Linux these days to enrich their career. Are you new in the Linux field but still want to compete with the experts? If you are one of them, you must know the best way to learn Linux to give a tough competition to the skilled people!

We can afford you the best method of learning Linux in 10 easy steps. Let’s get in!

How to Learn Linux: 10 Easy Steps

People will think that this step is something that they already know. But we have decided to teach you from the core. You have to install the Linux first.

If you want to be skilled, you have to be careful in installing both LFS101x and LFS201 courses. If you are a newbie in installing Linux, you have to go through the details of installing and configuring the program section of Linux.

Test Computer

Now, set up a test computer for Linux. Linux Distributions are complicated. Which one should you install? You can go for Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat or openSUSE.

Though Red Hat requires a specific amount of money for this, you can also get a developer license for this.

Create a Base

To be a Linux expert, first of all, you have to learn the basic stuff. Firstly, you have to try to understand the key terms of Linux.

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You have to get ideas on the difference between GNU/Linux and Linux. Also, you have to learn about the desktop environment.

Then, you have to go through several desktop environments. After doing this, learn to navigate your way around different desktop environments. You have to know how to launch programs and then try to understand how to customize the desktop.

Now, you have to get knowledge about setting up printers. Along with this, learn how to connect the internet. Get knowledge about installing software with the help of the graphical package manager.

Command Line

Now you have to master the command line. It will take a little time but this is important. Learn to navigate the file system first.

Try to know your present working directory. Get knowledge about changing directories and making new ones. Try to learn to find, deleting and creating files.

Linux Security

Linux security is one of the most important facts when it comes to learning Linux. Understanding Linux security will take time and effort. To know how to learn Linux, you have to know how to add users.

Also, make sure that you have ideas on how to administer groups and understand SUDO command. You have to gain information on changing user permissions so that you can work properly.

Linux Commands Learn Key

If you want to learn Linux, you have to know how to manage devices with the help command line. Listing devices is another important thing. You have to know listing devices and mounting them too.

To learn Linux, know several file compression tools like; zip, bzip and gzip. Get ideas about tar file.

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You need to have an understanding of how to manage devices using the command line. Gather information about ps, awk, sed, grep and top.

Linux Editors

Usually, Linux distributors include Nano editor by default. You just have to know how to use it perfectly.

This is a basic editor and learning it is very easy. So, you have to go through some powerful editors like emacs or vim. Try to understand them properly.

Bash Scripts

BASH scripts are very important to understand. If you are a beginner in Linux, go for the basic shell scripts first. Use BASH for working properly. As basic scripts, you can go for Input Parameters, Hello World Example, Conditions, and Variable or Comparisons.

Troubleshoot Linux

There will be times when you will face difficulties regarding the Linux system. Here, you will need troubleshooting! So, before you get into problems and lose all your data, know how to troubleshoot Linux. First of all, learn how to read the log files when it comes to Linux.

Formal Linux Learning

Learning anything formally is always better than learning without any mentor. To learn and do things in a proper manner, formal learning is the best way for Linux. Go for the courses that different institutions provide. You can get online training with the help of YouTube videos too!

Afford Time

Do you want to be an expert of Linux overnight? If you want to be something like that then we cannot help you. We support your utmost devotion and continuous growth when the discussion is about learning Linux.

If you want to be skilled, you have to afford time and effort on this project. The ways we have mentioned here are the easiest ways for learning Linux.

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But you have to invest time to learn it at a slow pace. In this way, your brain will grab the whole process and you will never forget it!

Benefits of Leaning Linux

  • In this world of competition, you should never ask why you should learn Linux. But if you are affording time and dedication for something, you should know if it is worth it or not.
  • Linux is versatile. You can get it anywhere. For supercomputers, it is the best OS around the globe. Internet architectures are usually built on this. Linux can easily run over so many devices impeccably.
  • Most of the IT professionals use this OS as this is known as the fastest OS all over the world. So, in terms of speed, LINUX is the best.
  • When it comes to OS, Linux is the safest option to rely on. There is little security threat in Linux OS. In terms of hacking, Linux is a safer decision for you.
  • Creating applications is easy with Linux. Manipulations applications are also effortless with the help of this OS.
  • Software updates are frequent and there are great opportunities for personalization too.

Wrap Up

So, you can never ignore the eminence of Linux. All you can do is learn using Linux in the best way possible. There are hundreds of ways to learn Linux but if you go for the tough ways, you can never learn it properly.

Go through the above mentioned best way to learn Linux. With the help of these methods, you can be a PRO Linux user, trust us!