5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

We have seen people getting confused if they need WordPress Security or not! If you ask us, we will highly recommend you getting a WordPress Security Plugin. It is because of your safety matters to us.

WordPress Security Plugin market is crowded. Are you confused about which one to choose? Look, there are plugins that are free and you will also find the paid versions of the plugin.

If you have a small site and have fewer competitors, go for the free plugins. But if you have a competitive site then never settle for a free version.


For you, we have brought the best WordPress Security Plugins both in free and paid versions. If you are in a dilemma which one to choose, have a look at our top picks!


Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins

Wordfence Security


Highlighted Features

  • Free version and paid version
  • Safeguards from brute force attacks
  • Afford real-time security
  • Login page protection
  • Improved firewall and spam protection
  • Two-factor authentication


If you are in a dilemma regarding which free WordPress security plugin you should choose, select Wordfence Security plugin without any confusion. This is one of the top security plugins in the market and the best part is, it is free. If you are worried about brute force attacks, this will help you for sure.

From real-time security monitoring to IP blacklisting, this security plugin does everything you need. It can afford you login page protection. You will see that there are some websites and IP addresses that cannot watch your site because they are automatically blocked. In this case, this security plugin has an extensive database for taking care of this matter.

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This security plugin has a paid version too. There are some additional features like an improved firewall and advanced spam protection in the pair version. Also, it includes real-time threat protection and geographic protection.




Highlighted Features

  • Available in free and premium versions
  • Intuitive UI design
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Built-in security scanner
  • Six points for vulnerability judge
  • Anti-spam protection


There are people who love to enjoy the newly released security plugins. If this is the situation, you can go for SecuPress. Though the security plugin in new. the rapid growth has amazed the users. You will get this available as a free version and premium version.

The intuitive UI design will also mesmerize you. If you are a beginner, we highly recommend this because this is very much easy to understand and operate. The setup is effortless too. You will get a built-in security scanner with this security plugin. This plugin has the ability to scan the sire for six different points and judge it according to the vulnerability.

You can also fix the vulnerabilities by pressing a button only. The premium version of this solid plugin includes the anti-spam protection feature. You will also get features like automatic website backups along with automated scans.


All in One WP Security and Firewall


Highlighted Features

  • Free version
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy configuration
  • Unique grading system
  • Easy correcting method
  • Blacklists addresses
  • Built-in scanner


If we judge according to the popularity, the stage is for All in One WP Security and Firewall. When it comes to user-friendliness, this plugin does a commendable job. It is very easy to use. The configuration of this plugin is easier than any other plugins. You will not need to have tech skills for configuring this plugin.

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The unique grading system of the amazing plugin allows you to understand and know the areas that are actually protected. Correcting your site is easier here. It safeguards your site against any sort of blue force login attempts. It secures the user accounts along with blacklisting specific sites and IP addresses.


The built-in security scanner is very helpful. No hacker can get into your site. The plugin is completely free and it has an amazing ability to secure the WordPress database. It also helps in creating a website firewall if you need it.


Sucuri Security


Highlighted Features


  • Available in free and paid versions
  • Monitors site regularly
  • Marks infected file
  • Runs scan after installing
  • Strengthens the previous security protocols
  • Scans malware


The team that made WordPress security also got their hands on the designing of Sucuri Security. You will get this plugin in a free version. If you want something that can monitor your site regularly, get this one.

It will help you in making the existing security level stronger. The best part is, after installing, it will scan your site automatically. If you have any infected file in your site, it will mark them. With this plugin, it is easy for you to restore the site.


It will scan the malware. You can also go the free or the premium version of this plugin. The premium version includes advanced security firewall.


iThemes Security


Highlighted Features


  • Available in free and paid versions
  • Affords strong passwords
  • Includes two-factor authentication
  • Move login page
  • Protection against brute force
  • Secure database
  • Backup option
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Do you want any featured-packed security plugin for your site? If you are in search of something like this, you can pick iThemes Security. You will get the option for choosing this plugin in both free and paid versions. The free version offers a regular feature where the paid version will afford you some advanced features.


It will afford you strong password protection along with giving you the opportunity for backup. It will secure every database of your site and also will protect your site against any sort of brute force. This plugin will help you in the two-factor authentication sector. You will also get help if you want to move your login page.


Parcel Up

When it comes to WordPress Security, you have to understand that the whole concept is a little complex. It is your duty to keep your website secure from hackers. The plugins we have mentioned here are the best WordPress Security Plugins in the market now.

When there are new threats to your sites, take the protection to the next level. Secure your site in a way that it stays safe and you do not need to worry about it. Go for any plugins that are mentioned above and we can assure that you won’t regret it!

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