How to Factory Reset Windows 10

There are times when you will feel that your Windows 10 system is not working. Yes, we all believe that this system is known as one of the most stable operating systems released by Microsoft. But do you remember that the moon also has marks on it? And just like that, you will face difficulties in this operating system too.


You can see that the Windows 10 operating system is working slowly. You can also find that your computer has clogged with the folders and files. Your computer can be clogged with the applications along with the unused libraries. At this point, you will see that your computer is working slowly or the system is degrading. And it is the time when your system needs a factory data reset!

All you need is a spring cleaning session and you will get a fresh, fast and clean operating system. We must mention that this will not harm any of your important files at all.

We have come here to show you how to factory reset Windows 10 in some easy steps!


Why do you need Factory Reset Windows 10


If your computer is slow, how can you work properly? If your computer stops while working, would you love to deal with it waiting for century? Of course not! Moreover, when you reset your system, you get a brand new computer before you. The factory reset has amazing quality of vastly improving the swiftness and the performance of your PC.

Do you remember the day you bought it? Yes, the reset will allow you to reignite the love for your PC you have when you first got the computer on your hands!

Do you think that you only need to reset the computer to get a swift-running facility? No! Along with a faster running ability, the operating system fixes a lot of problems with your computer when you rest it. Have you ever faced problems regarding the software or driver issues?

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Yes, you can solve them by easily factory resetting your computer. If you are having any issues regarding the Windows 10 operating system, you must try to rest it first before you take your PC to the IT services.


Step by Step Factory Reset on Windows 10


If you think that performing a rest is tough then you are wrong! It is very easy to perform a reset on Windows 10 operating system only by following some basic easy steps.

Step 1

First of all, you have to open your computer and go to the START menu on the left of your computer. Here, you have to click the START menu and you will get several options. Now, you have to search for the SETTINGS menu.

As soon as you have found the SETTINGS menu, you have to select it. It is basically a COG ICON. Here, you will find an UPDATE & SECURITY menu. You will get this in the pop-up screen. You have to select it and then go for the RECOVERY option.

Step 2

After going for the RECOVERY option, you will see 3 different options. The options are: Reset the PC, Go Back to an Earlier Build, and Advanced Startup. The option “Reset the PC” setting will help you to get a clean PC.

In this case, everything that you have in your PC will be wiped out. The PC will be just like a new PC. It will start from the first and with a fresh install.

Step 3

If you go for the “Go back to an earlier build” then you will be able to allow Windows Insiders testers to go back to the previous Windows versions. If you want that, go for it!

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If you select the “Advanced Option”, you will be able to boot your PC. In this case, you will see options for using a recovery disc or USB drive. These will help you in booting the PC perfectly.

Step 4

When you will go for the option “Reset the PC” you will see options that you help you in reinstalling the same operating system on your computer. So, here, you can reset your PC by reinstalling Windows 10. We know that you are thinking about your currently saved files on your PC.

If you pick this option, you will get opportunities to choose between two different options. You will get an option for removing all the files from your PC and you will get another option for keeping the files on your PC.

If you go for removing everything then your PC will be remove everything and will run from the very beginning. If you go for the second option, you will be able to keep the save files of your PC.

Step 5

In this case, you have to keep in mind that, no matter which option you select, you cannot try to keep the applications on your PC.

If you have any installed applications in your PC, they will get removed after factory resetting your operating system. You will not get the same software on your PC after you rest because the software will get permanently deleted.

Step 6

If you go for removing everything then you will get to choose between removing your files and removing the files and clean your drive. The second option will help in cleaning your drive and it will take time to perform this reset option.

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If you want to afford your PC to someone else, this option will delete all your data and in a way it will save your personal files. On the other hand, if you go for the first option, you will get a faster resetting process.

Step 7

After selecting any of these, your PC will tell you that you will not be able to go back to the previous version of Windows even if you want and if you agree with it, you have to select “NEXT.”

Step 8

You are done with the factory resetting your Windows 10! It will take some time and your PC will get restarted. Now your PC will be super fast. All you need to do is install your favorite applications again and configure settings.



Wrap Up

So, now you know that factory resetting windows 10 is not too tough. All you need to do is go through the process we have mentioned above.

If you have any issues while resetting, you have to go through the steps once again and make sure that you have not made any mistakes. You can go for online videos and instruction if anything wrong happens.

This process of resetting is easy but if you find it troublesome, you can rely on the IT support service. But we think doing it by you is a lot easier!

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