How to Make Headphones Louder on iPhone

Are you using AirPods for listening to music on your iPhone? Or are you settling for the classic headphones? Music freak people usually find it frustrating when they cannot listen to music from their heart. To listen to music from their heart, the volume must be louder and of high quality.

iPhone always ensures quality, but people suffer when it comes to setting the volume. And so, for your convenience, we are here to solve all your difficulties regarding the volume of iPhone.

So, here, you will know how to make headphones louder on iPhone! Have a look:

Basic Volume Rules

When it comes to the iPhone, people are seen worried about their headphones. Yes, we are talking about the AirPods! If you are an iPhone user, then you might have fallen into confusions about the volume.

The easiest trick you can follow for making the iPhone headphones louder is to control the volumes. Yes, you guessed right. We are talking about the volume keys for VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN. Take your phone and search for the volume keys on the sides of your iPhone.

Press the VOLUME button up from the iPhone. By doing this, you will see volume control on the screens of your iPhone. Now, you can easily select and adjust the volume as per your requirements.

When you are playing music, you can easily press the VOLUME UP. It will make the music louder. On the other hand, if you want to lessen the volume, you can go for VOLUME DOWN. It will reduce the volume as per your needs.

Here, you have to keep in mind that the volume of the headphones will only raise if you are playing ay music. If you are not playing any music or any video that has music, this will not make the headphones louder.

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If you are not playing any music on your phone, then the VOLUME UP button will increase the ringtone volume of your phone. To adjust the volume of the ringer, you can go for the volume buttons too.

Some people want to directly adjust the volume of their iPhone. In this case, you can search for the settings too. All you have to do is swipe upward on the iPhone screen. In this way, you can easily bring the Control Center of the phone. Here, you can adjust the volume of the iPhone separately.

You do not need to play any music when you go to the Control Center. There are separate options for you to go for adjusting the headphone volume. If you are using a new phone, you might need to download the Control Center.

Advance Headphone use Techniques: Advanced Tricks for iPhone

Volume Limit of iPhone

The basic approach of adjusting the iPhone limit is easy. But in some cases, it does not work for everybody. There are people who want more perfection when it comes to headphones of the iPhone. Are you one of them? If you are, then you can follow some alternative tricks to make your music life easier.

The iPhone usually include an option for setting the volume limit for listening to music. If you want louder headphone volume, you can adjust this part also. If this setting is activated in your iPhone and is set low, your phone will be quieter. In this case, you can easily make the volume louder.

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Go to the SETTINGS of your iPhone first. Select MUSIC. In this sector, you will see a header named PLAYBACK. Here, you will find a section called a VOLUME LIMIT under the header PLAYBACK. Check if the option is ON or not.

If the option is ON, press it. It will take you to another page which is named as MAX VOLUME. Go for this slider. All you have to do is increase it to the extent you like. It will make the headphones of your iPhone louder so that you can enjoy fantastic music!

Individual Song Management

Do you know that the songs that you have in your iTunes include an associated playback volume? Different songs have a different pitch. You can understand that some songs are excessively loud while some of them are too much quiet. You love different song in a separate volume. And for you, iPhone offers you Song Volume on Individual Song setting for the increasing volume of the different song of your iTunes library.

To do this, you have to go to your iTunes library first. You have to find a specific song that you want to be louder. Play the song first. Now look at the album art and play controls. You will see a slider here that will help you in increasing the volume of that song. Increase the volume here and make the headphones louder!

This is better for you if you are a music freak and want to listen to every song according to your volume-taste. The only drawback of this setting is it is very much time-consuming. You will need to change the settings for each and every song manually.

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EQ Settings

To make your AirPods louder, you can go to these settings too! This is a rarely used setting for iPhone, but if you want a perfect volume when you listen to music, you can go for this setting. The EQ section of the iPhone is very helpful for any music lover.

First of all, go to the SETTINGS of your iPhone. Go to MUSIC and then press the PLAYBACK section. You will find a section that is named as EQ in the PLAYBACK part. After clicking the EQ, you will get to select different options. You will find different options here for increasing the volume of your headphones. If you want the louder volume along with high-quality music, you can go for the LATE NIGHT settings.

How to make Bluetooth Headphones Louder

If you are having issues regarding the Bluetooth headphone of your iPhone, then we can afford you an easy trick. All you have to do is go to the settings of the phone and then press MUSIC. Now go for the SOUND CHECK option and de-select it. This will substantially increase the volume level of your iPhone. The EQ settings will also help you in increasing the Bluetooth headphone volume of your iPhone.

Wrap Up

The iPhone users that are suffering from lower volume scale of headphones will never face that again. If you don’t know how to make headphones louder on the iPhone, you must follow the easy tricks and tips we have mentioned here.

With these little tricks, you will be a PRO of adjusting the volume of the headphones of your iPhone! So, VOLUME UP and MOOD NEVER DOWN!