Top 4 Social Media Management Tools Free

When you are dealing with a business, you cannot take care of everything one by one. In this hectic schedule of life, managing a company is difficult. When it comes to the social media sector, you cannot check every platform one by one and work smoothly.

And here, social media management tools can help you a lot by taking care of your social media presence. It will help you in organizing the contents and sharing them with the customers. Most of the social media management tools are for free but if you want all advanced features, you can try the paid version. If you are new here, go for the free versions and give it a try!

We have come up with the best social media management tools free. Have a look at the tools and choose the best one for you!


4 Best Social Media Management Tools Free



Highlighted Features

  • Free management tool
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable interface
  • Monitor the users
  • Go through channels
  • Search for keywords
  • Live conversations available

There are few people who don’t love Twitter as a social media platform. The platform is easy to use and you are free to connect with anybody you want! You can follow your favorite personality to your friends. You can serve your customers’ interesting updates too. On the other hand, sitting before your PC and going through this social platform will waste your hours and you will not understand how your time is getting wasted!

In this case, if you want to be efficient in terms of research and if you want to manage Twitter properly, you can go for TweetDeck. The best fact about this tool is it can afford you a customized interface. Yes, you will be able to create your own interface and use your Twitter account. Here, you will be able to monitor the other users along with going through your channels. You can search for different keywords and go for hashtags too. It is great if you are worried about live conversations.

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Talkwalker Alerts


Highlighted Features

  • A free social media management tool
  • Monitor conversations
  • Get notifications regarding your brand
  • Get notifications about your competitors
  • Emails updates for mentions
  • Email updates do not require login

Who cares about who talks about you behind your back? But when someone is talking on social media about you, you care. Yes, you care and we all care! And you surely want to know what is going on there about you. And this is where Talkwalkers Alerts comes in between. With this tool, you are free to know who is talking about your company and what are they talking about!

If you are paring up with this tool, you are free to know who is talking positively about you and who are talking negative. Moreover, you are free to know about your competitors too! Yes, you can also learn what your competitors are doing and what their consumers are talking about.

This tool can update you by email about the updates when you are being mentioned in a specific social media platform. If you are a person who hates login in any app for notification, you will love this tool. This is a completely free tool for managing your social media platform.




Highlighted Features

  • Free plan
  • Manages 3 different profiles together
  • Schedules 30 posts in advance
  • Analytics to track followers
  • Leads with social contests
  • 2 RSS feed integrations

This social media management tool is one of the best tools in the market. Putting together the contents calendars and tweeting after every certain period of time requires patience. This social media management tool is basically a free plan. It has robust ability when it comes to performance.

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This tool has the ability to take care of 3 different social profiles together. Yes, with the help of only one social media management tool named Hootsuite, you will be able to manage 3 different social platforms.

Scheduled posts are annoying and it takes a lot of time to login in an app and posts stuff again and again. If you are with Hootsuite, you will not be annoyed at all. You will be capable of scheduling 30 different posts in advance so that it keeps posting time to time. You will get basic analytics so that you can track your followers. It can produce leads with different social contests too!




Highlighted Features

  • Complete free plan
  • Manages 3 different profiles together
  • Schedules 10 contents in advance
  • Tracks the activity of the followers
  • Informs the perfect time for posting
  • Available mobile apps and browser extensions
  • Includes image creators

This social media management tool is kind of similar to the previously explained Hootsuite tool. With this tool, you are free to manage multiple accounts together. Yes, that reduces a lot of pressure! It has amazing overlapping features and also, it has amazing capability of scheduling contents. You can schedule contents during browsing the web. The process is completed with Chrome extensions here.

This tool checks on the activity of your followers and after that, you will be notified about the accurate moment for posting updates. This will help you in growing your business. Buffer has a completely free plan for social media requirements. This plan includes the management of 3 different profiles together. Also, you can schedule 10 different posts for future. You will be able to use mobile apps on Android and iOS and browser extensions.

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There are also some image creators that you can use for content. The GIF or Video uploader will also help you.


Wrap Up


For you, it is next to impossible to take care of so many social media profiles only with two hands. Only the perfect social media management tool can help you out in this situation.

The social media management tools free we have mentioned here are great in terms of potential. You can manage multiple profiles and schedule posts. You will get other benefits too! Get anyone you like and have fun managing your profiles with ease!

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